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Buddhist and Asian Art 
The Art of Tibet
A beautiful collection of Himalayan Buddhist art. Includes a permanent collection and changing exhibits, an overview of Tibetan Buddhist art, ancient and contemporary photographs of Tibet, related links and suggested readings.

Ngawang Geleg's Buddhist Home Page
Contains a detailed collection of Tibetan Buddhist symbols with commentary and a Tibetan Buddhist art gallery.

Harvard University Centre for the Study of World Religion Image Bank of Slides
A library of 5500 slides available for use by teachers and scholars.

 Huntington Archive of Buddhist and Related Art
A Photographic Research and Teaching Archive of the Ohio State University. Provides research and teaching image sites, on-line exhibitions and related links.

Ideas and Forms in Asian Art On-line Resources
Stanford University Asian art syllabus provides many links to Asian art sites.

An Illustrated Life of the Buddha
From the Buddhist Scriptures Information Retrieval page, click on "Buddha History in Illustration" for eighty illustrations of events from the Buddha's life organised chronologically with commentaries.

Images of Dharma
Photo archive of Buddhist life by photographer Don Farber.

Kyoto National Museum
Images of paintings, archeology, ceramics, sculpture and other art with commentaries.

This site, which provides a variety of Buddhism resources, has a section on Buddhist iconography with pictures and explanations, and a short essay on Tibetan art.

World Wide Web Virtual Library: Art Resources
Extensive collection of links to Buddhist art sites.

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